Our Products

Qualvista QBM-100

The Qualvista Biogas Monitor QBM-100 provides the biogas and biomethane industry an integrated continuous, cost-effective method to measure biogas contaminants such as siloxanes, VOCs, and gas components like methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen.

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Qualvista Compact

Qualvista Compact Biogas Monitor is a robust solution for continuous biogas monitoring. It provides cost-effective monitoring for the biogas industry: biomethane and biogas plants, landfill sites and wastewater treatment facilities.

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Qualvista Multigas

Qualvista Multigas Monitor is a modular solution for ambient pollutant and odour emission monitoring. It provides accurate, continuous monitoring for the the biogas industry and other industrial applications.

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Biogas plants

Waste-water, landfill and food waste biogas production requires continuous monitoring of the biogas quality. Our monitors – versatile Qualvista QBM-100 and price-competitive solution Qualvista Compact – both can serve these plants.

Biogas plants in agriculture

All biogas plants in agriculture, including smaller single-farm applications will find our monitor Qualvista Compact the perfect, cost-effective solution for continuous measuring of H2S, O2, CO2 and CH4. This will help the plant to ensure that the quality of the biogas produced will meet with requirements.  

Biogas upgrading plants

Biogas upgrading plants need ensure the quality of the biomethane produced. There is also a need to protect the process equipment from harmful siloxanes and VOCs. Qualvista Biogas Monitor QBM-100 is the solution for measuring both siloxanes and selected VOCs. For odour emissions, Qualvista Multigas offers a modular solution of continuous measurement of 4-16 gases from a selection of 50+ gases.

Other industrial applications

Any industry that requires continuous monitoring of siloxanes or VOCs will find Qualvista QBM-100 monitor a robust and accurate solution. Qualvista Multigas offers similarly for any industry the possibility to continuously monitor ambient pollutants and odour emissions.

Key benefits of Qualvista Monitors

Robust technology

All Qualvista monitors – QBM-100, Compact and Multigas – are designed and built to provide consistent operations in a wide range of industrial settings. QBM-100 installation includes a temperature-stabilized cabinet for indoor and outdoor use.

Continuous measurement

Many industrial applications require continuous monitoring of gas quality. Costly and infrequent bag samples can now be replaced by cloud-based monitoring that provides real-time insights into your gas quality.

Patented method for siloxanes monitoring

Qualvista QBM-100 offers a patented, robust and low-maintenance NDIR method for continuous measurement of siloxanes and other gases. This will allow to protect engines and membranes, as well as to ensure the quality of biogas produced.

Online reporting tool

All our monitors are delivered with a cloud-based service platform for data storage, reporting and analytics. The reporting tool gives the user a comprehensive, customizable view of biogas measurement information, such as siloxane and other measured gas amounts on hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Customizable selection of gases

Both QBM-100 and Qualvista Multigas offer a modular setup, so that we can customize the monitor to meet your specific need. For Qualvista Multigas, you can select between 4-16 gases from a selection of 50+ gases to be monitored.

Designed and assembled in Finland

Qualvista Monitors are designed by Qualvista in Finland, Europe. We also assemble and calibrate our monitors inhouse in Finland and source the components from European manufacturers.